Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year 2016!


Let's do it the Touken Style~

2015 have been a very Touken year.. in terms of my buys!
From Badges to Figures to Fashion goods...
So many Touken goods! 
I wonder if the craze will continue for 2016?!

Anyways this year will be a year for improving myself!
To become a better person physically and mentally~
And to save more money, control my spending... I HOPE?!

Also I hope I will be able to update this blog more often!
I'm currently only very active on Instagram...

Ps. I signed up for gym & Japanese class! Finally. Hur hur~

Friday, September 18, 2015

We went on the Newspaper~

I was interviewed around two weeks ago and the article is out on the papers! (17th September 2015)
The article is published on the local Mandarin newspaper Lian He Zao Bao (联合早报).
The interview is a short write up about my bjd hobby. (´。✪ω✪。`)

The interview was somewhat like a chit chat, just asking general questions like how I got into the hobby, when, why etc.

Some of the details are left out in the article, AND SOME ARE NOT TOO ACCURATE HAHAHA. But it is no big deal :3 (I will point it out later)

If you are interested, you can continue to read.

◀ There is an original article online on

My friend also volunteered to translate the article into English for me~ *hugs* Hehehe

You can find the translation below.

・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

English Translation by Cherry ♥:

"Seemingly real" is not enough to describe the liveliness of ball-jointed dolls.

Four years ago, Kirere (21 years old, designer) who started collecting these ball-jointed dolls, first saw the doll back in 2011, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of these dolls. However, being a fashion design student who is still studying, had hold her thoughts to buy these pricey dolls. According to Kirere, the price of the dolls on average costs about $1000 or above.

On that same year, she got her first doll from her mother as her birthday present, which led her to fulfill her dream and passion collecting the dolls. Kirere, whom now owned 11 dolls said, "There are people around that find these dolls are really beautiful, but too expensive."

The seemingly real ball-jointed dolls, have balls at all the joints, which allow all the limbs to be able to move around like a real person when fiddled. Furthermore, these dolls allow the collectors to customize everything from skin tone to the color of the eyelashes, and even the personality and character traits of the dolls.

According to Kirere, there are about 300 to 500 doll collectors in Singapore, it is currently still a small growing group. Through the use of social media, she met great friends of the same interest and hobby.

Aside from collecting dolls, Kirere also made clothes and accessories for the dolls during her leisure time. Back when she was still in university, she had her dolls to model for her apparel designs.

Out of the many handmade accessories for her dolls, she is most satisfied with the little Manga. The Manga are made true to Manga that people are reading, including the content, but are scaled down to fit the dolls. She even had ever made the full series of "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" Manga for the dolls.

Moving on, her biggest passion now would be to enhance her skills and unleash her creativity make more apparels and accessories for her dolls.



Feels kind of awkward to be proof-reading and editing the translation about my own interview. LOL.

So actually, I first saw a BJD back in 2008 in a local store (now closed down) and was really in awe.
Went online and searched like mad, it was an Angell Studio's, I don't know what sculpt it was but he have vampire fangs XD. Then I finally ordered my first BJD during my birthday in 2011, with my mom sponsoring half of the payment. The doll arrived on 4th January 2012.

About price of $1000 a doll on average, I guess was because I said it ranges from $300 to $2000 depending on size and company the dolls are from. And in second hand market might be way way higher. :3 And regarding the 300 to 500 doll collectors in SG, kind of like estimated from the Facebook group I am in.. so it is a rough rough guess only. Hehe.

I was also asked what did I gained the most out of the hobby.
Yep there are stuff like improving my photography skill (I hope I did), expressing ideas and creativity etc etc, but my answer: MY LOVELY FRIENDS~~

I met some really awesome people and buddies. Online, and in real life. Appreciating each other's work and getting inspired etc. And some closer ones... who started of as just simply "doll friends" but now we can talk about almost everything. Food, games, anime, fangirling, CRAP ♥ and dolls became like only 10% or lesser of our topics (according to her LOL).

Guess it wasn't included because my answer is "not that awesome" but yes, IT 'S THE FRIENDS I MET AND IN THE HOBBY hurhur. (many many of you - if you are reading it HAHA)

Anyways it was a fun experience getting interviewed about the hobby!  XD

But yeah.. seriously, the hobby would be so boring without friends; on Instagram, on LINE, on Blogs or in real life. :'D

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A little rant...RAWR!!!


Well google screwed up my photos.
The URLs of my old photos changed and no images comes out...
So I decided to revert all my old posts back to drafts for myself to see only. :(((
S A D.
Or at least until I manage to edit all the posts back with images.
Means changing the urls one by one...
Oh wells.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mizuhashi Nai (水橋无)

Name: Mizuhashi Nai (水橋无)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: December 29
Hobbies: Cosplaying, Designing
Personality: Out-going, Playful, Cheerful

Nai’s favourite pastime and hobby...being an otaku and doing “otaku stuff”. He enjoys reading manga, watching anime, playing games, collecting figures and cosplaying. He has an Otaku bestie, Juri, who is in the same class as him. They also attends the art club together.

Company: Switch
Sculpt: Uhui R - Normal Skin
on a Dollzone B60-004
Height: 60cm
Order Date: December 29, 2014
Arrival Date: March 13, 2015

Neil Carlo

Name: Neil Carlo
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: December 13
Hobbies: Teasing and Pampering Aki
Personality: Cold, Nonchalant

Neil is from a big and rich household but is living alone and attends university. He would sometimes take up freelance programming or hacking projects to kill time. He is not particularly interested in anything or anyone but would sometimes tease or prank someone for his own entertainment. He also get tired of things quickly. He never had a lasting toy or hobby and throw things and people who are not necessary to him. Aki is the only exception.

Company: Dollclans
Sculpt: Phython
Height: 65cm
Order Date: December 13, 2013
Arrival Date: March 28, 2014