Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hong Kong Dollvie 2015

First time to attend the doll event in Hong Kong~
Went on a 4D3N Trip with my friend, Anpan.

Had a great time. It's the third time I have been to Hong Kong but 3 very different experiences.
First was with my Family, we have the typical see see look look holiday tour.
Second time was with my schoolmates, sourcing for fabric and doing fashion market research.
And this time, DOLLS AND ANIME~

Day 1
Our departure flight delayed for 3 hours, so by the time we reached the hotel, it was already 4.30PM plus.

Le Hotel Room wasn't that bad~ :) Was expecting it to be much smaller! But it was okay!

Anyways thankfully the delay did not affect much on the itinerary we self planned. Managed to visit the shops that we wanted to go. Went to grab early bird tickets from FaithZ showroom, Animate and those random anime related store and SINO, GINZA Plaza.

Heh heh.

And then we also went to something that was unplanned. The GUDETAMA Food Piazza at Langham Place~


Anyways we spent our first day moving from shop to shop, walking around for fun.

Ready for Dollvie~

Day 2
Went to tried Tsui Wah for breakie, as recommended by another friend.

Guess breakfast wasn't really special. LOL.

But anyways we headed for Dollvie right after that. The event starts at 11.30AM. When we reached around 11AM, there was already tons of people. EXPECTED. LOL. The queue hasn't form until awhile later, which makes everything a big mess because people were just gathering around. So when they start arranging the queue there were small dispute about who came first etc. Quite disorganized... but oh wells. Anyways managed to get into the hall around 11.50PM? Switch was crowded. LOL. I checked the list of item available for sale the day before... and knew Soseo head was on sale. He was in my wishlist but then I wavered a bit and then I thought if he is still there when I decide to visit the Switch booth I will consider getting him. If it was Hahwa I will prolly rush there and squeeeeze. Anyways we then walked around the hall and bought stuff along the way...

Some random photos from the event...

Angell Studio Booth

Girls, girls~

That Kimono red is really modern and pretty. Heh. Good thing I don't have a lady~

Got something for Haru from one of the booths here.

Ringdoll Booth

Sadol & Switch booth

Switch Solos. There's Hahwa TT-TT

So after the crowd is gone we headed to the Switch booth at about 3 or 4PM plus.
There was a few heads left on the table. So I just picked and took a look.
Surprise Surprise... SOSEO head is still here! I thought for a while and asked if I can buy it.
She said its the last piece. So I thought for awhile...and decided that I should. LOL.
And then they stick the sold out sticker for Soseo. XD

So loots of that day...

Erh. I think I spent quite a bit but I dont feel like I actually bought alot... =.=
OPPS. Oh well.

Then we had Dinner at DIM DIM SUM. I've been there the last time too~

Miss these Piggy buns!

Day 3
*YAY* I was super excited for DAY 3 as we are visiting the HK3D Museum for... ONE PIECE 3D!!!
I must say I was qute sad that the goodie bag can only be redeemed after July... SAD SAD SAD.
But then its okay, I should just enjoy myself when I am there.

The tickets!

It was quite worrying as we saw quite a big tour group of kids. I think I was a school trip.
So when Anpan and me went in, we headed right in for the One piece Section.
I must say I acted like a kid. LOL, too excited.

*skip everything else and runssss to One Piece*

And then we jumped right in~ PHOTOTAKING~~

And the sign of friendship from Alabasta arc.

There are many many more photos hurhur and it was superrr fun. XD
Heh I'm too lazy to upload myself up here. :/
But I enjoyed myself a lot. XDD

After that crazy running around, we headed for Dollvie again for the day 2 event.
Didn't buy anything this time just hang around and waited for the Lucky Draw. LOL
I was searching really hard for something to buy, but then it was mostly really girls' stuff.
And so nothing much for the second day.

Jiji appeared on second day. LOL

And basically we just sat around and waiting for time to pass~

They wore the stuff we bought yesterday! Matching outfits! Hurhur

Day 4
It is the last day!


Basically we rode the indoor rides and skipped all the outdoors. It was way too hot.


We missed the Frozen Village as there were way too many people and way to hot to queue so it was quite a pity.
So since we missed it, we decided to murder Mickey.


And then we headed for the aiport.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cosplay: Saniwa x Mikazuki Munechika

Had a mini photoshoot with Jrhapsodies two weeks ago.
We were in Touken Ranbu Online craze. So she had her Saito cosplayed as jiji and I had my Aki as Saniwa.

So we had jiji protecting saniwa in battle.
I couldn't decide between this two edits. Haha.
The first one kind of look like some poster for period drama. Lol.

A scene after battle. Sword repair and maintenance!
We had Saniwa helping jiji pon pon with the uchiko ball. 手入 Time! ♥

Lastly, Jiji resting on Saniwa's lap. LOL.
Probably because he's too tired. Because he is an old man! HA HA HA HA

We've got more plans coming up. XD
Huehue! Really looking forward to it! :)

A little update on the crew.

Almost 2 years since my last post! Opps. My♥friend reminded me the existence of this blog and decided to do some update~
There is a grow in members of my crew over the many months. The last time i checked, 4 members.
Now? Hm... I shall introduce/re-introduce them and do the counting. *cough* and update the profiles with images and info whenever I am free. Hopefully, soon.

The big Boys
Takano Katsuya ★ Angell Studio Huaxi
Yuu ★ Angell Studio Honglee
Tachibana Aki ★ Angell Studio Cris + Volks SD13 body
Neil Carlo ★ Dollclans Phython
Izuki Shion ★ Migidoll Hyeon
Tatsumi Shingo ★ IOS Sezz + Spiritdoll Proud
Takahashi Izumi ★ Ringdoll Pan
Mizuhashi Nai ★ Switch Uhui R + DZdoll 60 body
Fujimaru Taira ★ Soom Dia + Popodoll 70 body

The Tinies
Serizawa Haru ★ Loongsoul BinBin
Fujimaru Mio ★ Kidssky TuTu
Michi ★ Kidssky BoBo

Floating Heads
Izuki Juri ★ Migidoll Jina
Hanamoto Ren ★ Migidoll Ryo
Hanamoto Sei ★ Migidoll Cho
Mizuhashi Hiro ★ Switch Huisa
Mizuhashi Touya ★ Switch Ryun R
Kei ★ Ramcube Din
Hino Kazuomi ★ Kanadoll No.3 Adrian