Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A little update on the crew.

Almost 2 years since my last post! Opps. My♥friend reminded me the existence of this blog and decided to do some update~
There is a grow in members of my crew over the many months. The last time i checked, 4 members.
Now? Hm... I shall introduce/re-introduce them and do the counting. *cough* and update the profiles with images and info whenever I am free. Hopefully, soon.

The big Boys
Takano Katsuya ★ Angell Studio Huaxi
Yuu ★ Angell Studio Honglee
Tachibana Aki ★ Angell Studio Cris + Volks SD13 body
Neil Carlo ★ Dollclans Phython
Izuki Shion ★ Migidoll Hyeon
Tatsumi Shingo ★ IOS Sezz + Spiritdoll Proud
Takahashi Izumi ★ Ringdoll Pan
Mizuhashi Nai ★ Switch Uhui R + DZdoll 60 body
Fujimaru Taira ★ Soom Dia + Popodoll 70 body

The Tinies
Serizawa Haru ★ Loongsoul BinBin
Fujimaru Mio ★ Kidssky TuTu
Michi ★ Kidssky BoBo

Floating Heads
Izuki Juri ★ Migidoll Jina
Hanamoto Ren ★ Migidoll Ryo
Hanamoto Sei ★ Migidoll Cho
Mizuhashi Hiro ★ Switch Huisa
Mizuhashi Touya ★ Switch Ryun R
Kei ★ Ramcube Din
Hino Kazuomi ★ Kanadoll No.3 Adrian

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