Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cosplay: Saniwa x Mikazuki Munechika

Had a mini photoshoot with Jrhapsodies two weeks ago.
We were in Touken Ranbu Online craze. So she had her Saito cosplayed as jiji and I had my Aki as Saniwa.

So we had jiji protecting saniwa in battle.
I couldn't decide between this two edits. Haha.
The first one kind of look like some poster for period drama. Lol.

A scene after battle. Sword repair and maintenance!
We had Saniwa helping jiji pon pon with the uchiko ball. 手入 Time! ♥

Lastly, Jiji resting on Saniwa's lap. LOL.
Probably because he's too tired. Because he is an old man! HA HA HA HA

We've got more plans coming up. XD
Huehue! Really looking forward to it! :)

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